Friday, 2 April 2010


Bit of a hairy time weatherwise down in our little enclave. A big storm is ruffling Western BC's feathers and looks like it will be with us for the next 24 hours. Trees are down cutting power lines. We had a six hour power cut this morning, next door neighbour got an improved view when a big fir bordering their property got about fifteen metres trimmed off its top. That's right, not feet, metres, as in just short of fifty feet. Over on our side of the fence, a swing seat weighing just short of two hundred pounds got blown into the pool twice in the same afternoon. When our Landlord and I lassoed it and hauled the saturated thing out of the water it must have weighed more like four hundred. Quite comical the way the feet stuck out the water like some submerged plastic statue of a cow. An afternoon trip into town took us through torrential rain along tree debris strewn roads, twigs and small branches dropping down, and at one mildly alarming juncture a power cable laid across a main drag with cars driving blithely over it.

What excitement eh? Did ask God whether all this storminess was on the back of yesterdays mildly irreverent post. His response; "I don't do weather.".

Did have a look at the lamestream TV, but after about ten headache inducing minutes waiting for the Weather forecast, we elected to watch an old movie. You can only be patronised so much by plastic perfect people telling you how wonderful your sad, sterile life would be if only you would purchase their marvellous product. Yeah, well if it's that good, how come you got to advertise so much?

Pass the paracetamol.

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