Sunday, 4 April 2010

Greenpeace are coming to get you

Seen first at Bishop Hill's blog. Greenpeace just stepped outside the law with this gorgeous piece of foot in mouth disease;
We know who you are. We know where you live. We know where you work.

And we be many, but you be few.
Of course the challenges were immediate, such as;

You just crossed the line into being a terrorist organization.

Of course there's been a lot of hurried backtracking and weasel words about 'non-violent means'; but let's say some Greenpeace activists, as they will in their zeal to get at the 'deniers', step over the line; the resultant legal fallout will bury Greenpeace. The first blow struck. The first damage to a sceptics property. The first harassment of a known sceptic in their job, of their family, of their friends. All that can and shall be tracked back to this single Greenpeace sanctioned official threat. Ouch.

With those ill chosen words open warfare has been declared upon the unbelievers over the poor application of scientific method by the church of the true believers in man made climate change. May I, amongst I suspect many others, point out the following;
It wasn't the sceptics making false scare story claims over dubious science.
It wasn't the sceptics who exaggerated.
It wasn't the sceptics failing to fact check.
It wasn't the sceptics who tried to squash debate to advance their own cause.
Who was it?

The fallout I suspect, will be that a well funded media machine has been beaten by a bunch of sceptical amateurs. Amateurs who have done what they did for no other reason than to uphold the integrity of science. Amateurs who broke Climategate when the lamestream wouldn't touch it. Amateurs who found and publicised the false assertions in IPCC reports. Amateurs who offered an open and honest scientific debate and all Green'peace' had to offer of any substance was a direct threat.

Ooh boy. Someone's in trouble and it ain't the sceptics. Guffaw. Chortle.

Today I became rather hacked off because the tail end of a storm knocked the power out while I was half way through cooking supper. I have now been officially cheered up.

Update: As suspected, weasel words have taken the place of the offending blog, including this little gem;
Of course the anti-science brigade on the web has seized on the line in Gene’s post and run with it (and will run and run and run), taken it out of context and run with it some more – it’s what the climate contrarians exist to do.
'Anti-science'? That's a bit rich isn't it considering the thinly-veiled-scare-story-press-releases-masquerading-as-scientific-reports that Greensleaze seem to specialise in.

Cheeky sods. One thing Greensleaze doesn't do is science. It does scary stories to frighten the kiddies. Not impressed.

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