Monday, 12 April 2010

Die Facebook! Die!

It's like being a member of one of those bloody secret societies whose rules include the dictum that once you've joined, the only way out is feet first. Back in September 2009, I sent a request to delete my Facebook account. As far as I was concerned, that was that. This week I started getting Facebook 'friend' requests from commercial spammers. I went to the facebook login only to find my 'dead' account had been reactivated, despite following the instructions for deletion. The spammers have been added to my spam filter where their e-mails will rot unread and unmourned before final deletion. As for Facebook, what do you have to do? stick a stake through its URL and bury the wretched thing at a forgotten crossroads at midnight? I'd do the E-Suicide thing, but I only want to delete my Facebook account for the worthless waste of time that it is.

Today I have had to waste an hour of my time altering the privacy settings on said account so that only confirmed 'friends' could see it rather than go through all the nonsense of trying to delete the bloody thing again. Not that I left anything on there of any note to see.

With regard to spam. My opinion of spammed products is this; anyone who spams e-mail or Facebook accounts does not have a product worthy of market. I wouldn't buy said products if you paid me triple their price. Spam, at least in my eyes, reduces the product for sale to worthless dross, be it wonderful fake Rolex watches powered by cockroaches, coloured chalk pressed into tablets and sold as painkillers or treatment for erectile dysfunction, or even incomprehensible adverts for Chinese or Japanese porn and / or prostitutes. Oh yes, I forgot drug taking paraphernalia, that's worthless crap too. You know who you are.


Scoakat said...

I was on Amazon earlier today and couldn't find a 'sign out' or log off' button. I just have to close my browser for that, though. I'm glad I don't do facebook or the like. It sounds like alot of other things, where signing up is easy and with 'why would you ever want to cancel?' kind of cancellation processes.

antikva said...

I was sent this just the other day :D

Poke Your Grandma
Season 14
You Have 0 Friends
Stan literally gets sucked into social networking.

Bill Sticker said...

Antikva, the trouble is your link takes me through the Comedy Network site in Canada so I lost the link. I eventually tracked it down on Youtube.

Good one.

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