Saturday, 17 April 2010


One of the few things I miss from the UK is Mustard. Colemans English Mustard to be precise. For me, no other condiment quite hits the spot when it comes to Ham.

Over here of course you can get some wonderful Bavarian smoked ham which, if you buy from the local Meat Store (Cross between a Butchers and a Delicatessen), is complemented to within an ace of gastronomic perfection by the slightest smear of Colemans finest. The downside of my craving for Colemans of course is that it usually only available from specialist 'British' shops in tiny jars at relatively high prices, or a trip to the USA is called for, which even I think is a bit excessive for mustard.

An anxiety of mine over this current 'no-fly' business from the UK is that stocks of Mr Colemans finest tongue scourer and taste bud pick-me-up may cease to become available over here for a while. Or at the very least the prices will rocket due to scarcity. So today, much to my joy and felicity, I found that the product I am so enamoured of might just be marketed under a different name, often seen gracing the same supermarket shelf as the less potent generic 'Yellow' mustard available here in Western BC. Keens. As in 'Keen as mustard', which I am informed is the original recipe.

Blind tastings will be done to confirm (or not) my suspicions. Bugger the volcanoes and the lack of flights from the UK. There will be no Mustard rationing in Western BC. An alternative source has been found. Huzzah! We're all saved!

Excuse me. Despite the current rain and chill today, I'm having a really nice day. TTFN.


S. Weasel said...

I could get Colman's in all its many forms in Rhode Island, Bill.

Bill Sticker said...

Funnily enough, you can get Colemans in the USA, but not in Canada, where you have to pay a premium price for it from specialist shops. I'm hoping that Keens is the same stuff, different name. Owned by Unilever, like Colemans.

I live in hope.

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