Thursday, 29 April 2010

Electoral fraud

Electoral fraud in the UK has already reared its spavined head because of Twitter. A candidate has been caught, metaphorical finger in the electoral till, because she was was thick enough to put her offence in the public domain. The politico's don't seem to get that all this new fangled technology malarkey is very much a two edged sword. Jonah Brown, the microphone and the traditional voter. Kerry McCarthy, Twitter and the postal votes. David Cameron and the 'unscripted' meeting with the public on Twitter via the BBC, and that's just the scum on the stagnant pond of the three party 'race'. UK Politicians of all three major parties are being shown up for the out of touch, two faced, self serving, deceivers of widows and orphans they truly are.

Postal votes, which I don't trust the security of and this time round will forgo my 'right' to a vote in the UK rather than risk its abuse; have been put into question since their inception. Postal electoral fraud; at its most basic a form of ballot box stuffing, is endemic in Britain. There's even a Parliamentary report for confirmation.

Why? Because there is a whole 'political class' out there who go from high school through University to retirement and never, ever do an honest days 'real' work such as in Trades, Management, Self employment, or on the Shop Floor throughout their entire lives. As far as they are concerned, your vote is a fast track to wealth and luxury and they'll do anything to get it, even usurp the very tenets of Democracy. They feel 'entitled' to your vote. It's theirs, not yours, and they will try and get your mandate by fair means or foul. This lack of experience external to politics cuts across the entire political spectrum. All you have to do is look at the relevant CV's. As for the fraud, I refer you to the aforementioned Parliamentary report for proof. Of such poor thread is the new aristocracy being woven.

William Shakespeare had a wonderful description appropriate to the modern British 'professional' politician which I will take minor liberties with;
'A time pleaser, an affectioned ass that cons state without book and utters it by great swaths: the best persuaded of himself, so crammed with excellencies that it is his grounds of faith that all that look on him love him'
One only has to sideline ones natural political tribalism and open your eyes.

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Angry Exile said...

I use a proxy, although this year the alternatives were all pretty dire so it wasn't so much voting as spoiling my ballot paper by proxy.

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