Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Your country needs .......erm......

Feeling remarkably chipper this morning considering the country I was born in no longer exists as an independent entity. No more common law, habeas corpus, or presumed innocence. There are a number of other things the UK has lost as well, but if you're interested you can read them here. I long since resigned myself to the dissolution of my native land, and determined to make a new home over here in BC.

There is, as they say, a time to close the book and move on. However, the first official to try and describe me as an 'EU Citizen' will be responded to mockingly with; "Am I hell. No one asked me if I wanted to be one." Until I become a Canadian citizen, I will write down my nationality as 'English'.

My own families news from the UK is less than heartening. Ma Sticker tells me things are "Pretty dire." whenever I call from eight time zones away, and my siblings appear to be battling against the odds. Mrs S and I cannot help them right now, but by the time the buds break, I may take a trip back to the UK to ship over or throw out the last of our stuff over there. Perhaps bring them over for a visit to show them what they're missing.

Right now I'm packing up all our worldly possessions on this side of the world at least, and am getting ready to shift addresses to larger premises. Mrs S is spending the festering season with her Mother and our girls in England, leaving me to do all the donkey work of shifting furniture etc. I look forward to not putting up Christmas decorations; not bothering with Christmas shopping; totally forgetting about slow motion brain death from too many repeats on TV; welcoming friends over for beers. There may be whiskey, there may be a beer or two. There will be no Turkey. Steaks perhaps, but no Turkey. No sprouts either.

New house has a woodburning stove with all the gadgets, a heat pump, much more room, and a view to envy. I shall be spending my Christmas and 'snow days' this year toasting before a log fire in my deepest and most comfortable armchair with my dog on my feet, big mug of tea, notepad on a side table, and a big cheesy grin on my face. Ah, the joys of the simple life.

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delcatto said...

Bloody hell but I am envious. I would still have sprouts with the steak...

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