Thursday, 3 December 2009

Good stuff

Have just laid hands on a copy of the Altemus' edition of Dantes Inferno illustrated by Gustave Dore (See above). Excellent condition, but can't pin down the year. I know when the original illustrations were done, but there's no indication of the actual print run date. Pre 1900 seems possible as the preface page is pre incorporation of Henry Altemus publishing house.

Have also seen that the toxophilite's favourite piece of folklore, 'Robin Hood' is coming to the big screen May 14 2010. Ridley Scott directs; Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett star. Expect the usual Hollywood treatment of History, but at least in the pre release photo's, Crowe appears to be using a period correct Longbow, with a Flemish Twist bowstring, no less. If it's only half as good as 'Gladiator', I shall be booking my tickets early.

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