Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Cold day

We're in the middle of our third day with temperatures mainly below zero Celsius. Yesterday we hit the giddy heights of two degrees Celsius. This is not usual for this time of year. Our friends, who have lived around here most of their lives, are going "Damn cold eh?" In that slightly sarcastic rhetorical manner characteristic of rural Canadians. For once no-one's talking about 'climate change', and whenever the subject is raised, an embarrassed silence descends upon the conversation until someone changes the topic. Usually to sport or travel. Me, I keep my lips clamped together and listen.

Lot of extra traffic via the blog. Most of it is people looking for the HARRY_READ_ME.TXT file, and the FOI2009.Zip file. Happy to redirect you seekers of information to the mother lode. Do not believe one source alone (or my word alone); make up your own minds is one of the policies I operate here. Scepticism is my default position. Well it would be wouldn't it?

I even seem to have generated my own 'Hockey stick' graph. Good grief.

Mrs S is safely in the UK with our girls and will be spending her time with them in the South West of England. Christmas cards are all written and distributed, and I'm cleaning up our old place, getting ready for the move. Our apartment currently looks like it's been burgled. Half packed boxes all over the place, wall decorations half packed. Furniture in various states of disassembly. Usual stuff. Official moving date will be 31st December, although I'll probably be in and toasting in front of a nice log fire the evening before.

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