Tuesday, 8 December 2009


Was over at Wattsupwiththat reading this post. I was watching the video and thinking Steve McIntyre could do with some serious grooming before going on TV. When I could have sworn I heard 'scientist' Michael Oppenheimer, supposedly an expert in his field; say that CO2 stayed in the air "for decades, for centuries, even for millennia".

Now I'm not given to aural hallucinations, and had to listen twice to be sure. If what he said were the case and CO2 just 'stayed' in the atmosphere; where would all the CO2 utilised by plants during photosynthesis come from? How about outgassing and CO2 absorption by the oceans? Does he not understand the Carbon Cycle? This is Elementary School science stuff. Or at least was when I went to school.

Context or not; this guy is supposed to be an expert in his field. Oppenheimer should know better. FAIL.

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