Sunday, 13 December 2009

First snow

We've had our first snow of the Winter this morning. Nothing much, a light dusting which looks no more than a heavy frost. A translucent pallid frosting on lawns and roofs. We're due our first real snow sometime in the early part of next week. Not like the Midwest, who have been catching it big time if what the news says is correct. A Calgarian for instance would dismissively turn his nose up at our little strinkling and say "Call that snow? T'aint even a deep frost!"

Monday's prophesy is for overnight light snow turning to rain by late Tuesday. Tell you the truth I'd rather not see any real snow until January so I can get the house move done and dusted.

Have been watching some of the stories coming out of Copenhagen with mixed feelings. The Anarchists are turning the place into a battleground, and a lot of people who haven't a clue are shouting downs the one's who do. Certain Businesses are getting dissed by the politicians, and deals appear to be being done behind closed doors. Personally I think any treaty coming out of these talks will be bad news for us peons, as a tiny 'elite' have already decided what's going to happen by way of extra taxes, and all the hoo-hah is simply a sideshow. The boy President from the USA will fly in for a photo-op and a little glad handing, pick up his prize and sign whatever is put in front of him.

The thought occurs that many politicians are unaccountable to most of the electorate and seem to get hijacked by minority special interest much of the time. This is certainly true of the UK, whose current government seem to be trying to run everything themselves and failing miserably. Even though they've run out of taxpayers money, they're still trying to give away billions. All on the insane premise that paying more tax will somehow change the weather. Their sheer asinine bone headed insistence that this is the only way forward just annoys me, and I'm not the only one.

Stuff this, I need feeding. My system is crying out for a delicious liver and bacon sandwich which always acts as a tonic. I need a protein fix and I need it now.

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