Friday, 11 December 2009

Ooo! Noooo! Arrgh! Oh for crying out loud.

Fellow blogger Henry Crun, who runs grumpyoldsod reminds me that the shrillness of the pro warming brigade continues unabated. Scare stories abound, and quite frankly I'm yawning at the ridiculae being thrown out in the mainstream media for the Copenhagen climate conference. Bored now.

Oo look. 2010 is going to be the 'Warmest year on record'. Hmm. Depends who is keeping the records though, don't it? Not content with being repeatedly wrong on the subject it's paid to be right on, the UK Met Office descends ever deeper into farce. Never mind about all you poor Brits being drahned in yer beds.

OMG! The oceans are getting more acid! Hold on a minute, by how much is the oceans ph going to change? Has anyone bothered to wonder about how many cubic miles of water there are in the oceans, and how many gigatonnes of CO2 it would take to turn them into neat Carbonic acid? Anyone going to bother doing the sums? Simple journalistic fact checking? No? Thought not. Oh, FFS. BTW, has anyone picked up on the improvement in conditions for marine environments from a little extra CO2? Commonly added to salt water aquaria to improve conditions for fish? The elephant in the room here is industrial overfishing and good old fashioned toxic waste dumping.

Arrgghh! Pacific Islanders are going to lose their homes because the oceans are rising out of control! Never mind the reality where the disintegration of their coral atoll home has been at least partly attributed to the destruction of coral by repeated dynamite fishing and other such dubious practices. In places like the Maldives and Vanuatu, the sea level isn't rising at all.

Noo! Those poor Bangladeshis being flooded out! Well it's what happens when you live on a fertile low lying flood delta and someone chops down too many trees upstream. That one's been going on ever since pre partition and the days of the Raj.

Then you dig a little and trawl through the financial pages where the real stories sometimes lurk. Billions lost in Carbon trading fraud. A certain Billionaire suggesting the IMF throw away billions. After 1992 and 'Black Wednesday', I've always suspected his motives. He loves money, not the Earth.

That's just stuff culled from the Torygraph in ten minutes flat.

Never mind, I'm watching for the big wedge of Arctic air that's about to dump on Northern Europe. As they say in the movies, "It's a doozy!"

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