Thursday, 10 December 2009

News from overseas

Rudely rolled out of my pit at six this morning by the Computer shrilling. Bounced grainy eyed out of bed in my pyjamas to be greeted with a call from Mrs S in England.

She's fine, our Girls are fine, but Mrs S can't believe how crowded where they live is. She was talking to me from inside a Starbucks, and the background noise of a bunch of hyperactive teenagers was so loud it overloaded her laptops sound card. What I heard six and a half thousand miles away was something akin to what the BBC Radiophonics workshop used to put out as sci-fi sound effects. Very difficult to catch everything Mrs S said.

Still packing and disassembling furniture ready for the move. Have a number of invitations to various parties which I'm going to attend and do the nod and smile thing. My heart's not really in it at the moment.

Update: A good reason not to be concerned about our girls safety is that youngest does Kickboxing, and eldest is into martial arts as well. As an ex-Judoka I'm very happy about this. It means that any would-be assailant will end up looking for their teeth in the gutter should they try it on with either. I'm even more pleased that they have chosen to do so without direct encouragement on my part. A big well done from their crusty old Stepdad, whose heart shines with a little more familial pride than usual.

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