Thursday, 17 December 2009

As previously speculated

Well, well. Re this post. Piers Corbyn 1 Warmists 0. A late score from plucky Mr Corbyn, but he still got his forecast for snow and biting winds over the southern Scandinavian area mostly right. The UK Met office might be well advised to consider using Mr Corbyn's service as an alternative to that overhyped PC they're using at present.

Relatives in the UK are complaining about the snow. As usual half the UK grinds to a halt at the merest flurry. Even here on Vancouver Island, three inches of snow is nothing, and saying that you can't get in to work through that much might earn you your Canadian version of a P45. What white stuff we had has come and gone, with only the frosting on Mount Benson remaining.

From Guido Fawkes; Gordon Brown and Al Gore go into broom cupboard and, as one of Guido's many co-conspiritors pointed out, come out with their jackets unbuttoned. What were they up to in there? Checking the global temperature index?

Currently v.bored kicking my heels awaiting my final package of forms and confirmation of appointment for final immigration medical.

Amusing myself as best I can.

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