Sunday, 27 December 2009


Begins tomorrow morning, and I will be shuttling between old and new places with vanloads of our worldly goods. The next two days are work, and the day after the final handover of keys and cleaning. Still, there's no rain forecast for tomorrow, so we can get all the big stuff shifted without threat of getting anything wet.

Helping hands are ready. Tools for disassembly / reassembly are ready. I'm ready. Papers are signed and we're good to go. Must e-mail Mrs S and tell her Skyping will be minimal.


Anonymous said...

Mrs Sticker is certainly no fool. Moving day approaches and she has made herself scarce on the other side of the planet.

At least you won't have the inevitable, "watch that box, it's got my mother's china in it" as it crashes out of the back of the removal van.

Hope you have a stress free moving day.

Scoakat said...

Good luck with the move! I hope all goes smooth for you.
The best part is when all is done and you get to set things up how you want. That was always the silver lining in any move I've had to do.

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