Sunday, 20 December 2009

Seasonal Movie

Was talking to Mrs S via Skype, and we reminded ourselves of the Christmas themed Curtis RomCom 'Love actually' from which this little number comes. Yes, I know Maria Carey had a version, but I prefer this one, which is less irritatingly tinkly. My vote goes to this movie version sung by Olivia Olsen with the fabulous Ruby Turner on backing vocals, but this is the only Olivia Olsen version that allows embedding due to copyright issues.

The other interesting thing was finding the 'Billy Mack' version of 'Christmas is all around'. Full video only previously seen in one brief moment during the movie. WARNING! Sexism alert. Skimpily dressed Pole Dancers and Bill Nighy appearing to enjoy himself immensely. I was SOOO shocked I had to watch it again and again to milk it for the full seasonal moral outrage. Evil snigger.

Right. Off to another party.

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