Monday, 7 December 2009

Out of the blue

Went for supper at a friends house last night. We'd finished regaling our hosts about the last of our adventures with our immigration lawyers and getting ready for house moves when, apropos of nothing, the master of the house looked at us and said; "So this Global Warming thing, all a hoax, eh?"

Now, I've never broached that subject in day to day conversation at all with these particular friends. You know how it is, you don't talk politics or religion so as not to tread on the toes of your hosts and cause an argument. Our host is a solid NDP voter and I tend towards the conservative. I like what Harper's doing, he doesn't, so we don't talk about the subject as feelings can run a little high. Besides, we were their guests and they'd just fed us handsomely.

I must confess to being caught a bit left footed, but gave them a brief précis of events and a little background filler as best I could. You know the sort of thing, a compressed history of the events leading up to the revelations without boring them to death with the details.

"Oh." Vouchsafed our host after I'd finished. "So we've been sold a bill of goods then." He then went on to describe his feelings about being fooled by the media personalities who have thrown their weight behind the pro AGW arguments. Suffice it so say, he was not happy with them. No idea where he'd got his information. The TV I suppose.

Funnily enough I felt no pride in seeing someone turn their thinking about like that. Mrs S and I just feel sorry that the reputation of science will lose out through these revelations. A lot of hard working scientific researchers in other fields will be tarred with the same brush as the fanatical warmista's. Their credibility will be demeaned.

Just funny the way it came out of the blue at us like that.


Henry Crun said...

I have to say, Bill, that seems like your mate might not be the brightest daffodil in the garden. Fancy swallowing everything that the MSM prints/stick on the telly.

Honestly, have people really lost the ability to think for themselves?

Bill Sticker said...

The thing is Henry, that if all you have is the mainstream media coverage, then it's quite understandable.

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