Saturday, 5 December 2009

Who will be correct?

Popped over to Weatheraction and found this prediction on their website re the Copenhagen talks. According to Piers Corbyn the climate talks are going to be plagued by deluges and possible blizzards.
The weather forecast seems to disagree. Who is right here? We'll see by Friday.

Oh dear. I seem to have contracted that nasty climate virus.

(Yes I know I nicked the idea, but in the words of a serial liar who shouldn't be believed about anything - "So what")

Piers has very kindly added in the comments that his forecast is for the region; not merely for Denmark. Having said that, we've just had a large dump of snowfall over Alberta, and it looks like the weather system that did that is heading over the Maritimes and may be already on it's way to Europe. Winter Storm warning for Labrador Avalon Peninsula South as of 11pm 6th December. Also for the mouth of the St Lawrence. Wrap up warm over there.

Source: Environment Canada Weather Warnings

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Bill, Thanks for mention but do bear in mind our LONG RANGE forecast is about the whole region from 6th onwards and includes South Norway where Obama is going on 10th. Please give the link to what we said at our press conference on Nov 27 and put on our site as WeatherActionNews91 =
There is a lot of activity going on from the west as we said and it is still open as to what will happen in detail in South Norway, Denmark, SW Sweden NW Germany etc. Thanks Piers Corbyn

Bill Sticker said...


Long been interested in your work. Thanks for dropping by.



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