Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Moving part 2

Ran out of storage boxes half way through the moving process. Where the hell did all this stuff come from? I sure as hell didn't buy it.

Ergo, have been packing and unpacking boxes which has kind of slowed the job up. What is fortunate is that I gave myself four days to get everything transferred to new place. Today will be day three upon which Internet connection goes down and is restored at new premises. Local ISP is Shaw, who seem to be very good at what they do. Although I have heard negative comments about the quality of the content on cable, but I've found that holds true for most Television, so no surprises there.

New place is toasty inside, with none of the sneaky little draughts that populate our current apartment. Landlord is going to show me how the woodburner operates today. It's not one of those I've been used to, where everything's manual. There are manual controls, yes, but there's a forced air system and the vents are electronically controlled.

Old place is looking quite bare now. Tomorrow I finish the cleanup and hand over the keys. I'll miss it a bit, as Mrs S and I have racked up a lot of happy memories here.

However, the new place is bigger, warmer, and with a splendid view which I will post shortly. No more snow, and none forecast for the moment, which is a relief. Just light rain, which is more usual for this part of Canada.

Joe Bastardi's forecast for this part of the year was interesting. Wonder if the cold stuff we were gearing up for will give us the go-by this year. You wouldn't catch me complaining if it did.

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Scoakat said...

Best of luck on the new year, Bill. You will have the move behind you, your wife back with you, immigration almost complete, and probably a book tour/in-stores planned!

I wish you well in this new year!

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