Thursday, 3 December 2009

Are the Copenhagen climate talks about to fold?

Watching the news roll in as the 'Climategate' story hits the mainstream. Al Gore has cancelled. The lead players are squabbling amongst themselves. The next Australian Federal elections will be fought with 'Climate Change' as one of the key issues.

Whatever next? Can the much vaunted Copenhagen talks survive the revelations that have been buzzing around the Internet for the past two weeks? Well when even the high priest of the Warmistas says they're a bad idea it doesn't look good for the much hyped megajunket. Will the over hyped climate talks be left high and dry like the famous Little Mermaid statue at low water?

Over here, Canada is wisely switching it's anti-pollution emphasis from CO2 to particulate emissions. Which is an intelligent move. It has long been known that particulate matter has a marked effect on weather. I cite Smog (Airborne pollution and fog) and the well documented effects of volcanic activity upon the climate.

Fortunately, the open minded Canucks and the Aussies are leading the world away from economic disaster, and a damned close run thing it's been. The politicians of the western world were running headlong over an economic cliff, and for a while there I was wondering how in God's name we'd all survive the plunge. This way things won't be quite as tough for quite as long, and only those with heavy investments in 'Carbon trading' will lose out. The thought occurs that if their names are Gore or Soros, I won't be shedding any tears. Further consideration would indicate to me that the big players money will be flying the carbon trading coop if it has not already done so.

With only three (two?) more days to go to Jonah Brown's '50 days to save the world' entry in the apocalypse sweepstake, correspondents are already talking about the next summit in Mexico and playing down Copenhagen. The Indians and Chinese are known to be less than enthusiastic if the big carbon handouts won't come their way. There's also been speculation that certain African nations will be pleased if the Carbon Handcuffs on their development are released.

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