Tuesday, 8 December 2009

More propaganda

The politicians at Copenhagen are all trying to tell us how they, and only they alone, can 'save the world'. Sounds like an exercise in self justification to me, sort of "Nooo, you can't do without my phoney job because I'm busy saving the world, don'cha'know."

The problem is that no one has conclusively proven that man is responsible for our ever changing climate on a global scale because of CO2 emissions. If you actually bother to plough through the immense verbiage of various scientific papers' instead of letting others do the 'translating' for you, you'll find they're full of 'could' and 'might' statements which club together into a massive 'we don't really know'.

The climate data has been fudged, of that there is no doubt. Why would all the adjustments in the "HARRY_READ_ME.TXT" (Direct link) file need to be upwards anyway? If, as according to surfacestations.org, US temperature readings are artificially skewed upwards anyway because climate measuring stations have been moved onto Car Parks, or had air conditioning / waste heat sources installed nearby? No wonder the Met Office thinks it's getting hotter.

So why the fuss and slagging off all those who say "Hang on a minute, this doesn't look right" as 'Deniers' or 'Denialists'? Ah. Mainly it's the activists and politicians who are trying to silence dissenting voices because there's money in it for them. Let me enlarge; companies like GE see money in sales of Nuclear Reactors and other 'low emission' technologies. Financial institutions want to make money from Carbon Trading. You know, those financial institutions that were behind the credit crunch and needed taxpayers billions to be bailed out? Lobby organisations get paid to place Fark-like stories about how everything including tectonic subsidence and my mothers cat getting the mange are all caused by man's activity. Activists get cash from interested politicians. Interested politicians get favours / Directorships / influence / money for pet causes thrown at them to push the warmist guilt agenda because it pays them to. The money goes round and round. What it all boils down to is the climate gravy train is out of control. See the excesses at Copenhagen.

What the propaganda doesn't change is this; the simple truth is that climate changes. We don't really know why, and all the untruths, arguments and fudged data are getting in the way of our ever finding out.

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