Saturday, 12 December 2009

MWP Denial

I'd always been led to understand that the Medieval warm period was a done deal; there was so much historical evidence for a time when the earth was warmer than even the past twenty or so years (Or the 1930's). However, like with all History, there is an academic element of revisionism who want to prove that black is white and the sun rises in the West.

Holocaust 'Deniers' are one such minority grouping. They cannot accept that there is solid documentary evidence of the slaughter, both in pictorial records and documents kept by the concentration camp operators, A.Hitler Gmbh. As with the 1937 'Rape of Nanking', political blinkers are donned and no amount of gentle persuasion and empirical evidence can shift them. Rather like the people who say the Moon landings were all a hoax. Now it appears that there is a similar grouping in Paleoclimatology circles who are involved in an Orwellian undertaking to rewrite the climate records because it suits their agenda. Got challenged by one such on a comment thread in James Delingpole's Daily Telegraph blog. He / She /It (May even have been one of those very clever Turing personalities) wanted 'evidence' of the Medieval Warming Period. I shunted a random sample of three scientific papers on the subject at the trollish creature (Be it Silicon or organic) and am watching the speed of response. Anything quicker than three hours should indicate that; a) Whoever it is never read any of the scholarly articles b) Really is a very clever dicky with a bad case of Aspbergers syndrome and a phenomenal typing speed.

Nevertheless, those even cleverer chaps over at Wattsupwiththat have put together this video (See below) which puts all the ice core data in it's proper historical perspective.

Lovely job. Factual, short, sweet, and to the point. Based on NOAA's own ice core data.

Update: Joe D'Aleo's explanation of current conditions is likewise lucid and understandable by climate laymen such as myself.

H/T to Wattsupwiththat reader Magnus A in this comment thread.

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