Friday, 13 August 2010

Ya gotta push the button, see...

Where we live is mostly heated by what's called a Heat Pump. Of late we've left the heating off and put fans around to stir the air a bit from the cool side of the house to the other. This afternoon has been warm enough to see Mrs S flaked out in the guest bedroom, which is the coolest in the house. I stepped outside with a cold one in hand and met our landlord.

"Warm one eh, Bill?"
"Surely is. Warm enough indoors. Not sure which is hotter, inside or out." I replied. "Plenty of mosquitoes around."
"Yeah, whole bunch of 'em over by the pool." He shrugged in that particular way Canadians do when faced with such inconveniences.
"So a swim isn't such a good idea."
"Not unless you want to get eaten alive." He grinned.
"Yeah, got bitten this morning while changing a light bulb on the truck."
"Uh-huh. Little buggers ain't they. It's hot in town."
"Seems as good a reason for not going there. Hard to know where to cool down."
"You can switch the heat pump on you know." He said.
"Oh, right." I had one of those 'oh sod I forgot' moments but kept a straight face.
"All you gotta do is push the button." He opened a cold one and gave me an almost geological look which said 'you forgot, din'cha?'
"I might just do that."
"Put it on for an hour or two before bed time to cool the place down." He's very tolerant of our occasional faux pas when it comes to modern heating systems.
"Good idea." As he lives downstairs he might have been wondering why we hadn't already. "I'll be out around ten to watch the meteors again tonight."
"Yeah, awesome ain't they?"
"They surely are."
"Catch ya later."
"See you." I said and beetled off inside to read the heating instructions before pressing the correct button.

The temperature indoors has just sunk below the eighty degree Fahrenheit marker, and the discomfort from the days heat is rapidly easing. Time for a beer. All this new technology eh?

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Scoakat said...

Interesting. I didn't know what a heat pump was before. A different climate up there, I guess. We have had our central air on here for weeks on end. Weatherman predicts some relief next week though.

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