Saturday, 21 August 2010

Moving logs

The log pile has now been moved into the storage shed for final drying before the rain sets in for Fall. Landlord and I chatted as we shifted the final few hundredweight out of the weather; about the latest developments with the row over the very unpopular new Harmonised Sales Tax. Apparently the courts have yet to have the final say, but it looks like Gordon Campbell the Provincial Premier is toast over this issue. We talked about family; hopes and dreams for the future and new generations, little tidbits on insurance issues when fitting certain items like woodburning stoves in your property. How much the inspection costs, that sort of thing. Just two guys doing the chores, but as in all these cases, if you listen, you do pick up important stuff if like Mrs S and I, you are interested in self build.

You learn about the insect and arthropod life too; the size of Spiders, Termites, and other assorted peskiness that likes the peace and quiet of a log pile. Until the humans want to move it that is. Unfortunately for the aforementioned, these humans know about domestic pesticides, and have applied them to the log store so that the womenfolk don't get bothered if its their turn to take in Winter fuel.

What the hey, the sun is out. It's time for a light lunchtime snack, and I'm back to serious writing.


Angry Exile said...

Same in these parts. I'm told huntsman spiders - they're the really big buggers the size of a side plate - like wood piles. Their bite is painful though not dangerous, but they look so horrifying that it's easy to overlook the redback that just crawled out of the pile onto your hand, and is about to express its thanks for being disturbed by hospitalising you.

This advert for gas central heating in Australia has been brought to you by the Angry Exile :-)

Bill Sticker said...

We've got two species of poisonous spiders here in rural BC, the notorious Black Widows for one, and there's another that I'm told can make you quite ill should you catch a nip.

When shifting log piles I find work gloves keep the nasty little sods at bay. The rest are dealt with by vacuum cleaner when they try and invade the house every Fall. Raid helps.

BTW. I thought Redbacks were notorious denizens of the Australian 'Dunny' as in the famous Australian ballad "Redback on the toilet seat".

Angry Exile said...

Toilet seats, wood piles, under decking and verandahs, under floorboards - some say that every house in Australia has at least one redback in it somewhere - tucked away in nooks and crannies of garden furniture, just about everybloodywhere in fact. They're endemic across Australia. And they're a close relative of the black widow, except they've got a big tattoo... because they're even harder.

But do you know what's really worrying? The only redback I've ever found in the house was right in the middle of the room, stone cold dead and drained to the core. One of the world's most dangerous spiders, and something unknown had killed it. That worried me. Actually Mrs Exile said it might well have been a huntsman spider. Apparently they're keen on eating redbacks.

Don't ask me about the all the other poisonous, venomous or just downright dangerous wildlife here. If it doesn't want to inject your leg with weird and complex toxins then it want's to rip it off and batter you to death with the wet end of it.

Angry Exile said...


Jesus, it's so dangerou's here I've s'tarted in'serting apo'strphe's in inappropriate place's.

Bill Sticker said...

Sounds like you've caught Unwanted Apostrophe Syndrome, a relative of typo vulgaris. Embarrassing but not fatal. It'll wear off. Cleaning the keyboard helps.

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