Thursday, 19 August 2010

Pardon my paranoia, but....

Every day it seems there is a scary story in the lamestream about something or other being very bad for you and you'll all die howwibly if you don't stop right NOW! If it's not a study funded by a multinational designed to undermine a current practice, it's some bloody puritan trying to sell their putrid self help bollocks to a seemingly more gullible public. Every day the mainstream print articles with little more basis than thinly recycled press releases.

You simply can't trust the lamestream, because they don't seem to burrow any more. Good old fashioned investigative journalism happens to other people.

Honestly, sometimes it seems certain 'news' has more of an agenda than a hyperactive City Council meeting. Everyone it seems, has a metaphorical axe to grind. Especially in the 'scary story' category. For example; one type of 'healthy' drink might be found to be not so healthy after all, but then the study to prove it was funded by a group who get their money from a lobbying firm connected with sugar interests, and vice versa. Studies on ADHD recommend pills when another, less well publicised study which indicates that said 'disorder' is simply a position on a sliding scale of natural human behaviour. Same as 'Autism'. Fifty years ago, behaviour which might be described as 'shy and dreamy' now carries the risk of being diagnosed as 'borderline Aspbergers' requiring some pill or other. Environmental non-profits produce scare stories about certain human practices meaning the end of all life as we know it, and the press releases seem to go through the lamestream faster than shit through a Goose. Driven towards a farcical 'perfection' we can never attain by a Greek chorus of hectoring voices, the temptation is to turn off the TV or radio for good.

Are things that bad or is it just me being cynical? Why bless me, I do believe it is. The world has shaped me thus.

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