Sunday, 29 August 2010

Now he tells us.....

Turns out ex US President George W (Miss me yet?) Bush didn't want Gordon Brown to be the UK Prime Minister. All I have to say is; neither did I, neither did I.

Not being resident in the UK any more and shortly to apply for full Canadian citizenship, I feel the whole question is rather academic, but any damn fool could see how unbalanced Brown was and is by the reports filtering out via Guido Fawkes and others. The reports of violent temper tantrums and other unseemly behaviour were a good indicator of how unsuitable Brown is for high public office. No wonder George W voiced his concerns; maybe his aides used to read Guido's regular mocking revelations?

As for the policies; it was IR35 that broke me and a whole lot of others. Only a complete and utter dolt with the attention span of a lightly stunned gnat could think otherwise. That and thinking raids on pension funds could ever be 'revenue neutral'. Yet the British electorate bought into the Blair bullshit three times in a row, and those of us with even the slightest hint of prescience made our plans and got out.

As for the current Labour thinking about 'taxing the rich'; it's a fairy tale for buffoons. The true rich have clever accountants to keep their money out of the hands of the voracious maw of HMRC, so higher taxation will only ever hurt the people who can't afford top flight financial advice and who can't mobilise their capital quickly. Namely the less well off, who will be impoverished by such policies. The result is that the tax take goes down when the rates go up because of the simple law of economics which says that the more taxation, the less production.

Brown of course ignored all this, and reportedly got very upset when reality conflicted with his stratagems. Hence the reports of tantrums which told anyone with a functioning brain cell that he was never going to be fit for purpose.


Oh, and just to rub it in; guess who's on a best selling T-Shirt right now (As if you didn't already know).
I think they do miss you George W, I really do, now the chickens have come home to roost.


Angry Exile said...

Possibly the biggest insanity of Brown in particular and the left in general is their refusal to accept the Laffer curve. Somewhere on my blogroll someone offered a convincing proof of it, though I can't remember who it was now, but in short if you accept that 0% tax brings in no revenue because no one has to pay a penny and 100% tax also brings in no revenue because no fucker wants to work for nothing, then logically there must be a point of maximum tax revenue somewhere between the two. Before that point a government is simply not squeezing as hard as it could, or letting people keep much more of their own money as I'd put it, but beyond it further tax raising increases the 'why bother working here/at all' factor and brings revenue closer and closer to zero. I'm no rocket scientist, or economist for that matter, but I can grasp that. That so many of the left believe that people are prepared to endure the financial equivalent of sitting still while being hit with a sock full of gravel shows they shouldn't be running things.

Angry Exile said...

I remembered. It was

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