Monday, 2 August 2010

We're all doomed - as usual.....(Sigh)

Well, if you believe the Tellytubbygraph we're all about to suffer as Nasa scientists brace for 'solar tsunami' to hit earth. Apparently there's a C3 class solar flare building which threatens to;
"destroy satellites and wreck power and communications grids around the globe if it happened today."
Well. what's a C3 Solar flare? Well, according to this page on;
Compared to X- and M-class events, C-class flares are small with few noticeable consequences here on Earth.
Well slap my thighs, I wonder who is talking up what? Just as an aside, the article concludes that;
"A Nasa spokesman was unavailable for comment."
Are the guys on the ISS worried? Not according to their web page, the ISS crew are more concerned with fixing the air conditioning. Hey, maybe they know something a 'science journalist' doesn't?

What the hell, it's been British Columbia day today, and I've spent a goodly part of this afternoon swimming in the pool and trying out my new diving mask having sorted out the mobile phone conundrum. If we're all doomed (again) tomorrow, I might as well enjoy the summer while it's here.

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Angry Exile said...

Glad to see 'Tellytubbygraph' has stuck in your corner of BC :-) On topic I haven't come over all dead yet down here, and I didn't even put any zinc on.

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