Friday, 20 August 2010

Laying in stores for Winter

Well I was wrong about last year, but I'm still making preparations for another cold one here on the Island. Why? Well I've been keeping tabs on the Ocean temperatures, which took a large dip in 2008 then recovered, and according to those frightfully clever chaps over at Wattsupwiththat is heading downwards in a similar manner. We're going into an La Nina to boot, which is another indicator of inclemency.

Now I don't know if this means lots of snow or not, but we're taking no chances this year. Snow tyres on truck, log store being filled with a 'ready use' supply on the deck, propane stove and emergency lighting ready. Plenty of canned stuff in the larder, so we don't get caught out like Winter 2008/9. This year we will be cosy and toasty no matter what. Even if the power goes down for several days. I have bought a few Pratchetts and Holts to keep me amused if we get snowed in, and there's always batteries for the CD player and radio.

The minor hot spell we've just had has petered out and temperatures are back well below normal. The cooler weather is welcome, but it means we've probably only got another two weeks use out of the solar heated outdoor swimming pool. Bummer. Where's all the Warble Gloaming when you really need it?

Other amusements come from Dog, who is still learning the hard way about screen doors. He goes dashing through the house at full tilt and then thumps into the netting, silly pooch. Why he does this I have no idea. He has his own doggy door, but still tries to run through the fine heavy duty mesh meant to keep the mossies out and ends up bouncing back into the kitchen with a comical yelp.

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