Friday, 13 August 2010

Friday on my mind

On a personal note it's been a week of things coming unstuck, but in a good way. On the work front I've gone from next to nothing to comfortably fully engaged in three days. Up until now, Mrs S and I have felt less than challenged in our daily round, and to be honest have been chafing at the bit more than a little. The extra work means more out of hours stuff, but I'm good with that. It has its social benefits.

This week we feel that, in a way we've transposed our lives away from the blinkered servitude that governs the existence of many, through various financial privations, to a small plateau from which we can strike out more easily in new directions. Our personal comfort zones have expanded, and, while everything is not totally wonderful, I'm feeling truly positive about our future. It's the sensation of crossing some kind of psychological Rubicon.

On the outside there are so many things I could pass sarcastic comment about, from ghastly grandiose OTT architecture, to the blinkered bansturbatory bullshit emanating from self righteous know-it-all health freaks; but you know what? Today I can't be bothered. It's Friday, and in the words of that doyen of social commentators, Rab C Nesbitt, 'Auchfuckitall'.

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