Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Word addiction

At my writers group last night, which is a kind of Wordaholics Anonymous for the semi professional writer, I suddenly realised that I haven't touched any of my proper writing projects for over six weeks. Blog flu notwithstanding, this situation must be addressed. Two novels and a screenplay require urgent attention. That and all the other stuff sitting in my filing system awaiting resurrection.

For someone with a usual daily output of 2-3000 words, this is not a good thing. Posting may become even more patchy while I rummage through mental cupboards for the reasons why.


delcatto said...

Contentment perhaps?

Bill Sticker said...

You know what Delcatto, you may have hit the nail right on the flat bit at the top. I think I'm happy. It's an unfamiliar but delightful sensation.

Although I've been considering a post about a bunch of Tamil Immigration queue jumpers. On the other hand, stuff it.

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