Friday, 27 August 2010

Is it boiling yet?

Dropped by at the Icelandic met office site for my twice daily look at the seismic reports to see a fair bit of recent activity up in the Tjörnes fracture zone. According to the available data, a number of these tremors are less than 10km deep, which would indicate something is going on in that small area. BTW; the dotted oval on the map is an ancient caldera, so low level activity should be expected in that area. Current status of Bárðarbunga under the Vatnajökull glacier is still the same, lots of little grumbles, but nothing significant reported. Katla and Mt Unpronounceable are quiet, so no issues there.

Any old road up, I'll be keeping my eyes on the situation as the Canadian branch of the Sticker family is due to go visiting kith and kin in the UK shortly, and if anything goes 'foom' in Iceland, we want to be prepared with alternative return strategies. Sleeping in air terminals is no one's idea of fun; unless you're a masochist of course.

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