Tuesday, 3 August 2010

They don't make 'em like this any more

Back in late 2002, I traded in my Nokia 9210 Communicator for the lighter, sleeker lines of a Nokia 6310i. The 9210 was bought on a whim and I must say I regretted the purchase sometimes. Especially with such issues as short battery life, bulkiness and weight. Although I could run my life off the 9210 and receive faxes, which used to be important, it needed near constant charging after a day on site even after a day of comparatively light use. The 9210i was a monster that required constant feeding. I used to carry two fully charged extra life batteries and change them at lunchtimes, putting the Communicator on charge in my car whenever possible. There was a secondary charger cradle for the extra battery which was handy.

Then I bought the 6310i and was delighted. Battery life was splendid, needing a full charge only once every three or four days even with relatively heavy usage. During downtime when I wasn't using it much I could expect a full week without charging being necessary. A bluetooth headset sorted out any hands free issues. Signal reception was better than average. Call quality was excellent and it did precisely what it said on the can; it was a mobile phone. I made phone calls with it, and left the e-mail, faxes, and music stuff for my laptop. My 6310i worked, and still works. Although I must confess the casing is showing its age with many scuff marks. Like the well crafted tool it is, it still fulfils the function it was created for, almost eight years on. Mrs S has one too. Despite being dropped, nearly crushed, and bounced around in my pockets with keys and other assorted contents it still works.

To me it's a design classic. Anything more is a toy. Although the sheer signal reception on a Blackberry is sorely tempting. Yet my ageing Nokia still outperforms much newer models. What can I say?

I've owned several Motorolas and Samsungs etc, but no phone has ever been so good to me as the 6310i. Which leads me to the inevitable question; is it the best mobile phone ever designed?


Mummylonglegs said...

Like you, I have tried several different types of mobile over the years. I started with Nokias but found the charge issues frustrating and the storage limited.
About 3 years ago a friend gave me her old Samsung (can't remember which type) and I was smitten. 3 days of charge and enough memory to keep me happy. I tend to use my mobile as my camera aswell (always handy when you have young un's). Sadly that Samsung got drowned (washing up bowl) so I went back to Nokias.
For Christmas I recieved a Samsung Jet and I have to say, it is the best phone I have ever owned. It is a touch screen which takes a bit of getting used to (and you need to get yourself a stylus as it doesn't come with one). It has a huge battery life, massive memory, takes good quality pictures, does MP3, Radio and internet etc, in fact it like have my phone, computer and camera all rolled into one little package.
I guess buying a mobile is a personal thing as it depends what you want it for but so far, I have yet to find fault with my phone. I have friends that have purchased both blackberries and i-phones and yet they still have problems with them.

Not sure if this helps at all but here is the link to show you my phone.


Mummy x

Bill Sticker said...

My big issues with mobiles have always been battery life; batteries on eight year old 6310i cell phones still delivering 11-13 days on standby, and signal reception; still as good and possibly better than the newer Samsung my contract was with. Samsung only gives 20 Hours standby with a 900ah battery.

Then again, I'm in a low signal area.

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