Saturday, 14 August 2010

Saturday chores

Well sort of. Definitely Saturday, but maybe not so much a chore. Todays small task has been cleaning our landlords small swimming outdoor pool which we have the use of.

The thing about outdoor pools is, well, they're outdoors, and so is everything else. Mostly insects and leaves. Having had the lack of judgement to drown in a warm chlorinated insect version of Davy Jones Locker, the various invertebrates so deceased do not have the courtesy to be recovered and buried decently in a civilised manner. Effectively resulting in the drifting corpses of large spiders, beetles, and the odd, long legged wasp type insect we call Yellowjackets swirling past you as you pootle up and down the pool. Birds poop in it, as does the local wildlife if you don't put the cover over at night, resulting on one salutary occasion in the last earthly remains of a medium sized rat being netted and disposed of. I can only assume it was a very depressed rodent.

In order to do a proper job of cleaning, I put on my mask and snorkel, diving to the bottom to enjoy half an hours innocent guiding the cleaning siphon around in the depths, disposing of said unwanted detritus and little accretions of dirt that accumulate in still water. By the time I was finished I felt a whole lot better about swimming in it. No doubt I will have to clean said pool again in the next two weeks, the local insect population being so careless of their tiny existences, but I don't mind a bit. I get snorkelling practice, and our landlord gets his pool cleaned. I might even do it again next week. Ah me, the things we must do for our pleasures sake. (Amused chortle)

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