Saturday, 28 August 2010

Have I been banned?

Tried to register to comment on Richard North's blog 'EU Referendum' today, only to receive the message that the email address I use, and which is a valid point of contact for this blog, is "Not allowed to be used". Now I delved through my email archives to see if I'd forgotten my login details; but no, I couldn't find any confirmation email. As I can't recall having commented there, at least within the last 12 months, this putative ban bothers me.

This begs the question; Dr North, have I been banned from commenting on your blog, and if so, would you be so kind (or bothered) as to tell me why? You don't have to, as I'm only a minor blogger and as such, quite used to being ignored.

I did try contacting a 'Board Administrator', but ironically there's no link to do that until you register, and since the 'Umbrella blog' board won't accept my gmail address, I can't tell anyone. Moderating to get rid of troll and spamvertiser infestations is a necessary evil, but being lumped in with such low common denominators somehow feels quite offensive.

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