Monday, 30 August 2010

This could be fun

The movie asks; has the US government really run out of taxpayer dollar? I know the UK has, but no one over that side of the pond seems to have the talent or inclination to make movies like the above. As for the politicians? Some are too busy arguing over a woman who once dumped a cat in a wheelie bin and appearing 'green' to address the real economic issues. Sheesh.

The thought occurs that those espousing 'big government' solutions are too far removed in real life, either mentally or physically, from the actual real privations. We're talking day on day, nose to the grindstone at a job you hate to keep a roof over your head solutions. Forever running to keep up. The stuff Michael Moore never talked about. The stuff ordinary people do every day only to find that some bastard has put another tax on the workaday to fund some pompous holier-than-thou prats pet cause. Making them worse off than they were.

H/T to I Hate the Media for the clip.


Angry Exile said...

Interesting. Having blogged on UK and Australian debt levels lately I'll be waiting for that. Perhaps for interest (heh) I should draw another cube for the Yanks.

Bill Sticker said...

Yeah, there was a rumour flying around about a high Chinese bank official (Who own lots of US Treasury bonds) doing a runner, but it seems it was just a rumour, so the USA gets out of that one.

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