Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Home thoughts and ye olde nightmares of England....

Am spending a rainy day catching up on business correspondence and invoicing. Just workaday stuff. Mrs S is home and we're doing some emotional catch up after a long weekend apart.

On the horizon is a mid October visit to the UK to arrange the shipping of the last of our 'settlers effects' to our new home. Apart from the joys of greeting family and friends back in England, the prospect of visiting a country where the populace ignores serious issues like encroaching totalitarianism, and instead gets wound up about trivia like who wins an over rated faked TV talent contest, a video of uncertain age posted on LiveLeak of a girl throwing puppies in a stream, and a silly, and as it turns out frustrated, woman dumping a moggy in a wheelie bin. Mind you, if I was faced with living in the awfulness of life in urban Coventry, I'd be inclined to take it out on something else in acts of meaningless petty cruelty. Coventry I've found has that effect on people. Yet I'm told death threats were posted to the people involved? Oh for crying out loud. They'd seriously consider killing another person for that? Not what I'd call a rational act. Death threats, especially empty ones, are the currency of the insecure with metaphorical below the waist winkle inferiority complexes. At least that is my experience.

Nevertheless, we're in England for just under two weeks, and after three years here in the relatively civilised culture of British Columbia, I'm not looking forward to going. You get used to things like decent customer service and friendly staff. Used to an easier and less frenetic pace of driving. More elbow room, and the sheer neighbourliness of most folks around here. I'm actually looking forward to the flight home to BC more than the outbound trip; even flying air cattle truck.

What I'm not looking forward to; louring grey skies, the M6 with it's interminable roadworks, narrow roads, small houses, small horizons, low doorways, narrow minds, the X factor, high prices, low morals, British Supermarkets, English cooking and all the other psychic sandpaper that makes people so thin skinned they go off like a firework display at the least irritation.

Although looking on the bright side; there's no bloody tedious Eastenders any more. Oh, hang on; I'm feeling better already.

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