Friday, 11 February 2011

Yes, 'Climate Change' is to blame

This may sound a little odd coming from a supposed 'denier' like myself. However, I'm increasingly of the opinion that 'Climate Change' is a major problem that should, and can be addressed fairly readily.

For examples, I'm going to cite the massive Australian bush fires, the Queensland floods, and the resultant environmental damage and a number of other events and strategies which are all caused by 'Climate Change'. I am persuaded that it is a real problem. With real solutions. Here are my arguments;

Firstly; The issue of Man made climate change. Changing land use such as deforestation is known to cause real changes in precipitation patterns. The most well documented example is Mount Kilamanjaro, where deforestation has reduced the amount of transpiration in the local atmosphere, so there is less moisture to crystallise in the freezing air at high altitudes and fall as snow on the mountain, hence the shrunken snowcap. Likewise the regular floods in Bangladesh. Deforestation upstream removed one of the natural buffers to flood prevention. The deforestation is man made, therefore the change in the local climate is likewise. These are no-brainers.

The Australian bush fires of 2009/10 have also been cited as being caused by Man made 'Climate Change'. This is also true, well sort of. Environmental regulations driven by the supposed need to prevent man made climate change were responsible for preventing landowners clearing brush, which in the dry season became ready tinder, and exacerbated the regular forest fires which resulted in the deaths of 230 people. Angry townspeople berated their Mayor afterwards for these 'Green' policies. The impact of the Queensland floods were likewise increased by 'Man Made Climate Change' for the self same reason; Environmental regulations and policies interfered with river management and flood prevention measures. Massive pollution from rare earth production in China for elements used in the building of Wind Turbines, Solar panels and 'Green' cars. Bats with their lungs turned inside out and birds splattered by not so eco-friendly Wind Turbines. Generating capacity reduced. The UK grinding to a halt because the authorities thought it was only going to get 'warmer'. Eco-unfriendly light bulbs containing heavy metals which require special disposal lest they leave a toxic legacy. The threat of economic stagnation and decline. All because of 'Man made Climate Change' and the mistaken supposition that Carbon Dioxide is a major climate driver that will cause massive destruction.

Yes, 'Man Made Climate Change' is to blame. As are all its advocates. We need to wind these policies back and invest in better energy generation technology. We need to dispose of wind and solar subsidies before they bankrupt us. These are doable right now. Not to change them is unsustainable.

Ironic really, because 'sustainability' is one of the buzzwords used to push the unsustainable 'Green' agenda.

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