Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Eyjafjallajökull again.

A bunch of small tremors today just over a kilometre down under good old Mt Unpronounceable. Usual caveats apply about tremors and eruptions. Magma chamber could be draining, not filling, no data on ground deformation or tilt etcetera, etcetera. So as usual pretty inconclusive, but surprising nonetheless. Nothing on the local webcam. Just small, shallow(ish) tremors.

Not much worth getting excited about. For excitement, Kilauea, Hawaii is having a few collapses in the crater wall, and the lava lake is rising. Bulusan in the Phillipines has been erupting for the past couple of days. Plenty of 'excitement' there.

Reykjanes peninsula activity is still grumbling away, but going deeper, and scattered tremors through Vatnajökull.

Meanwhile, back here on Vancouver Island it's snowing. We have an extreme weather warning no less.


Angry Exile said...
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Angry Exile said...

This site about the NZ quake might interest you.

Bill Sticker said...

Wowch! That's gotta hurt. Love the way the tremor information is displayed as a scrolling animated list. Far more informative than the Icelandic site.

Haven't really looked at the NZ situation, but then you can't be everywhere all the time.

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