Sunday, 27 February 2011

Krisuvik swarm: count 425

In the screengrab, which is representative rather than definitive, as I couldn't be sure I was getting the whole lot on. The tremor count at the time of observation was 356 at 13:25 GMT in the last 48 hours. That is a hell of a busy weekend. I make it over 228 since midnight, local time and rapidly increasing. For preliminary data, that's going to keep someone busy.

Range of tremors is mostly 2+km depth on the third day of near continual swarm activity. No idea what this portends, apart from I'd still like some idea of what the water levels of Kleiforvatn are doing. It's still jaw meets desk territory.

More later today. This bears watching.

All data from Icelandic Met Office Earthquakes page.

Update: My goof. Count is 356, not 367. Revised.

Update: As of 15:00GMT 394 Tremors. That's a whole lot of shaking.

Added to top of sidebar: Christchurch Earthquake Appeal. Thanks to Small Dead Animals for highlighting the link.

Update: 425. Also peaking and shallowing. See data grab below.
27.02.2011 17:27:36 63.928 -22.034 1.1 km 4.1 90.07 4.8 km NNE of Krýsuvík
27.02.2011 17:25:21 63.920 -22.030 1.6 km 3.4 90.07 4.0 km NNE of Krýsuvík

Will be very surprised if something doesn't blow in the next 24-48 hours at this rate.

Update: 514 tremors in the Reykjanes peninsula area in the last 48 hours as of 22:25 GMT. Most close to Krisuvik.

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