Saturday, 12 February 2011

Prestahnukur tremor swarm, Iceland

Some quite intense earthquake swarm activity today under the south west corner of the Langjökull glacier. Three tremors of over 3 magnitude, and 39 smaller quakes observed within the last six or seven hours. Depths are mostly between 1-6km, which is fairly shallow, although Langjökull itself is off the main mid Atlantic spreading zone, unlike yesterdays little grumblings just off Highway 1.

Usual caveats about tremors and eruptions apply, but the Peak of the Priests, or Prestahnúkur last erupted in 3350 BC, it is thought. There are no records of an eruption since that time. Lot of hot springs in the area, so I'm assuming this is another one of those 'rearranging of the volcanic plumbing' events that occur in active vent systems from time to time.

Update: Swarm activity continues, with activity tracking North and East through the vent system which is known to extend quite a way under Langjökull.

News update: For those looking for Volcano webcams, an extensive list with links (Now on sidebar) can be found here. If you don't like waiting for your eruptions, archive and recent footage of eruptions can be found here (Also added to sidebar). Many tips of the hat to Erik Klemetti, Geophysicist.

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