Saturday, 26 February 2011

Christchurch again

Just been reviewing data nabbed from the Christchurch Quake site. Seems to me that as the most recent activity is easing, returning gradually towards pre big hit levels. Magnitudes are mostly between 2-3, and some of it is going deeper. Way deeper. From around the 2-9km depth mark on Tuesday (The biggest quakes epicentres were about 5km down), to as deep as 38km at 04:45 (NZ time) 26/2/2011. Almost all in that narrow band just south of town. Wonder what's going on down there?

Hmm. My logic tells me there's nothing to worry about as the worst is past. My instinct is telling me not to take any holidays in Christchurch NZ for the next week or so.

I'm sure a proper volcanologist will tell me I'm being a bit paranoid. Yet having looked at this University of Arizona website, the Christchurch area was 'aseismic' from 1990-99. The Te Ara site tells a similar (but not quite) story. As always, the problem is insufficient information.

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