Sunday, 20 February 2011

Seen in the narrows

Surfaced from working on my current MSS to hear a loud noise, like one of the usual aircraft buzzing overhead. Sounded rather like one of the twin engine turbojet aircraft that Jazz use for the Vancouver to Nanaimo run. The sound hung around and got louder.
"What's that?" I asked Mrs S, who was reading in the front room. "Are we being buzzed or something?"
"I don't know." She said, raising her head from the Peter Ackroyd she is currently absorbing.

So I took a look and my jaw just went south for the Winter. A hovercraft! A real live, no shit hovercraft! In Coastguard trim no less. I mean I'd heard they'd got one, but I never thought I'd ever see a hovercraft again outside of a science museum. A quick google later I've got the details; It's the CCGS Siyay, a fisheries and coastguard vessel based in Richmond, Vancouver.

I know my picture is crap, but by the time I'd gone and found my camera it was over a mile away, roaring down the side of Link Island. So I had to improvise using my spotter scope.

That has just made my day, possibly my week with an option on the whole of February.

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