Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Volcano love

Power outage last night due to a bit of a storm, so no blogging. Picked up this little snippet about 'Love waves' from Mt St Helens. Named afte Geophysicist Augustus Edward Hough Love. No threat of eruption, just seismic grumbles like those of nearly 30 years ago which followed the famous 1980 eruption.

How appropriate for Valentines day.

Activity at Langjokull, Iceland has settled down to regular grumbles which probably mean nothing. Similar pattern under Katla. About as quiet on the Iceland front as it ever gets, tremor wise.

One of the things that has piqued my interest is a claimed correlation between solar flare geomagnetic activity and Volcanoes. Seeing as there was a big X flare yesterday on the Sun (The biggest since 2006), this postulation should soon be put to the test. Will be keeping a weather eye on various seismometers to see what truth may be found there.

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