Sunday, 6 February 2011

Vatnajökull activity

Dropped by the Icelandic Met office earthquake site for my daily dose of Earth tremors and noted that there's been some fairly shallow activity underneath Grimsvotn, which may mean another minor eruption due, but as usual my caveat about tremor activity alone applies. Lot of fairly deep rumblings under Bárðarbunga, which generally speaking don't mean a lot since they're right in the Mid Atlantic spreading zone. Which is where you'd expect a lot of tremor activity as continual upwellings of magma fill the gap between diverging tectonic plates.

Nothing much happening around Katla, apart from one very small tremor, and nothing else appears to be sizing up for a blow. Although I'm only a dilettante vulcanologist, so what do I know? As always I'm simply an interested observer.

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