Sunday, 13 February 2011

Video hinc domum tuam

Which means; "I can see your house from here."

Adding to the volcano links sidebar the Mt Baker Volcano observatory. This is an active volcano which is on my front doorstep. Well not quite. Ninety four miles away, but perfectly visible on any clear day. Active Volcanoes I can't see from my deck on a clear day are; Glacier Peak, Mt St Helens and Mt Rainier. That's Washington State in the USA. There are a couple of active Volcanoes in BC, but being British Columbian Volcanoes they're far too laid back to do much erupting. Mt Garibaldi for example, just up the road from Squamish, hasn't belched for around ten thousand years.

Not that any eruptions are thought to be immanent, but it's nice to know I would have a relatively safe ringside seat should Mt Baker decide to blow.

Update: Additional thoughts on predicting volcanic activity on 'Bubbling under' page.


Angry Exile said...

Mount St Helens... why does that name sound familiar?


Oh, fuuuu... That Mount St Helens! Still, sounds like you're at a comfortable distance.

Bill Sticker said...

Yes. That Mt St Helens. As well as several other active peaks inside a 200 mile radius. Oh, and an active seamount just south and west of the Queen Charlotte Isles.

Good 'ere innit?

Angry Exile said...

Yeah, well, life on the Pac Rim, I suppose. Not something I thought would be of more than academic interest when I moved, what with Oz being about as stable as it gets. Then I hear about an earthquake giving Newcastle, NSW a big shake a few years back, and then a couple of years ago we have a pair 4.somethings a month or so apart here in Melbourne. Very odd feeling the floor shake like that and you immediately know there's only one possible cause, but part of the brain, possibly the bit that knows we're nearly in the middle of a plate, just insists that it must be a particularly quite road train that's inexplicably chosen to drive down a Melbourne side street. More lately your volcano posts have provoked a little curiosity about vulcanism here, and so I find there are actually a lot of volcanoes about but nothing's gone off for a few thousand years. Apparently quite a few are technically active, though I suppose it's pretty unlikely anything will happen. Still, bloody odd, those earthquakes.

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