Monday, 7 February 2011

Ditching Firefox

Well that's it; Firefox is no longer my browser of choice. For the past couple of months the only way to close the bloody thing was via task manager, where it often showed up as using over 90% of processor time and over half my system memory. Searches of various tech forums only gave me the option of rolling back to an earlier version. I've already tried this, and it only provides me with limited browser function. Not acceptable.

I really liked the 'Noscript' utility which blocked annoying pop-ups and interminable advertisements, I liked the layout, functionality and ease of use. Regrettably Firefox has been getting slower and slower despite regular cache clearances and even in desperation, one complete re-install. So it had to go. Now, like Internet Explorer, it resides unloved and unused, gently drifting down the list of favourite programmes like a leaky old wooden dinghy until it is forever lost from sight.


The Filthy Engineer said...

I'm glad you've posted this. I too have been plagued by problems with Firefox. Mainly with not responding.
What are you using instead? Opera?

Bill Sticker said...


Two browsers; Cometbird and Chrome

Chrome because it's fairly fast, and Cometbird for the tools that come built in. I think the Firefox problem lies with the current version of Adobe Flash plugin.

Angry Exile said...

I went off Chrome. There was the insane wait for them to even get a beta out for OS X during which time I only used it for work in Windows, and by the time the OS X version was out the privacy concerns had begun. I uninstalled the Windows version before the OS X beta was even available and began using Safari, the one I use all the time in OS X anyway, in Windows as well. Its only big missing feature is it lacks the ability to duplicate a tab, but if I need to do that I'll switch to Opera.

The Phantom said...

Hiya Bill. I use Seamonkey mostly, running on XP. Not too many issues. Firefox I use in fully locked-down mode with lots of adblockers and firewalling add-ons, for surfing things which could be dodgy. Like Rabble. :)

I was having some trouble with it, but a re-load of XP and a nice virus scan fixed it all. I find one has to blow away the old hard drive and reload everything about once a year, bit-crud seems to collect no matter what you do.

Windows 7 is most likely the same deal, I just haven't had one up long enough for it to puke on me.

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