Friday, 24 December 2010

Un mauvais quart d'heure

This has not been a fun week.

It seems I have spent six whole days chasing other people's tails and being treated like an unpaid flunky. I am not a happy man. I am unhappy with BA for losing my kids luggage. I am unhappy with BAA for not being able to operate an airport effectively in conditions most other countries don't even blink at. I am unhappy at being on the receiving end of an overload of emotional backlash simply because others can't bloody cope without lashing out.

There is nothing I can physically do, yet I'm expected to. Then be at everyone else's back and call.

On top of that, I have people telling me what I should and should not want. Well I bloody well don't! I need salt to balance my electrolytes, sugar for energy, exercise in the open air and proper rest to enable my body to wind down.

Now I want to say this; I am not yours to command. You have no right. Your problems are not my problems. Fix them yourselves. Grow a pair and grow up!

Now sod off and let me curl into a ball in some dark and neglected corner. Alone. I want the rest of the festering season off. The TV is going off and earplugs are going in.


selsey.steve said...

You need a shed.
I have one, well-removed from the house. It has power, lights, a gas-fired heater, a battered old, but very comfortable chair, a radio, a CD player, a shelf full of interesting books and stuff, a drinks box and only ONE glass. No computer, no phone, nothing which will permit anyone to contact me.
The family knows not to approach Dad when he's in his shed.

Bill Sticker said...


A 'Summer house' is planned for when we finally build our own place. Power, heat, light, Wi-Fi, but no phone. If anyone else objects and wishes to join me, they will get their own office, but they will not share mine.

A lockable door is also part of the design brief.

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