Saturday, 18 December 2010

Thank you

This obscure little blog usually gets around forty hits a day, most of which are what I call 'fly-bys'. Very few people stop to read, and fewer still choose to comment.

The blog itself is a brain dump for my anger at what I see going wrong in the world, things that could so easily be remedied if the will were available. Like so many others as evidenced in my blogroll.

My point of view is that I always try to see the world as it is and not how I would like it to be. To deal in pragmatism rather than flights of fancy. So it is very gratifying to see my hit rate go off the chart simply for flagging up an attack against the very foundation of the democratic principle.

Many thanks to the good Captain Ranty for the extra traffic on 'Democratia Mortuus est', and also Anna Raccoon for her mention of my complaint about the snow inspired ineptitude demonstrated at Heathrow on Friday. Also for 'Realityreturns' slightly chilling compliment paid to my studied expostulation (See graphic) on a Tellytubbygraph comment thread about the pointlessly asinine UKuncut protests against retail middleweights Vodaphone and Topshop. I wonder if the protesters will change their name when they realise it can readily be spoonerised into 'ucuntUK'.


delcatto said...

Thirteen years of education x 3 (Cheers Tone!)prepared them for Narnia, Dr Who and the X factor. It did not prepare them for the real world

Bill Sticker said...

Err, Delcatto.

Context please? Or is someone else hijacking your account? That doesn't sound like you.

Angry Exile said...

Damnit. I was going to do a post tonight with UKuncut deliberately misspelled throughout.

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