Friday, 3 December 2010


Logged on to my Disqus account last night to comment on one of the Tellytubbygraphs blog threads. Specifically to do with the breaking news that Japan has thrown the Kyoto accords under the bus at Cancun. No sooner had I typed my comment, than the 'your comment is being moderated' sign popped up. I immediately typed in another short and pithy remark about being immediately moderated, which was published with no moderation. Then I edited it to mention Japan's blunt refusal to extend the Kyoto accords. No moderation again. No mention of Japan's actions in the pages of the Tellytubbygraph, today either.


H/T to Wattsupwiththat for the Kyoto story.

Fuller coverage over at Jo Nova.

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Angry Exile said...

Interesting. I went to see if I'd get moderated too and I can't even find the article. You'd think a search of the site for "Kyoto" would have found it, or failing that "Japan" combined with any of ""target", "emissions" or "Cancun". Looks like it's gone down the Teletubbygraph's memory hole.

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