Saturday, 18 December 2010

Just asking

Just a quickie. Anyone seen any of those Wind turbines turning actually in a wind recently, as if they're being blown as opposed to being run to stop the bloody things icing / seizing up? Oh yes, while we're at it, has anyone seen or heard of an Electric car being run during the snow in the UK?

Just asking, that's all.


Anonymous said...

I live in a small village in Devon situated in a valley. On the top of a nearby hill are the ruins of an old windmill built in the early 1800's. Yesterday I went for a walk around it. Although exposed to coastal winds and being the highest point around for miles yesterday it was absolutely still. It often is, we go for days without a noticeable wind and if some clown builds a modern day wind farm we are doomed to huge power cuts, which by the way we are now getting as the power grid is overloaded and it now costs a fortune to run heating. Many many people locally now are veering towards wood burning stoves. Anyway, sorry for bleating. Take care.

Bill said...

Shh. Don't reveal the inbuilt flaw with all wind power. Huhne might find out!

Seriously we learn nothing and seem to have a very short collective memory. In the days of sail ships stopped moving to their destination when the wind didn't blow. A three day voyage could turn into a three week voyage if the wind didn't blow.

When the thermometer approaches either extreme the 110 wind turbines that litter my local landscape and the numerous 'tiny turbines' that are appearing atop many more LED lit signs stop moving.
If it's brass monkey weather they stop.
If it's typically tropical they stop.
It it's blowing a 'hooley' they stop.

Personally I'm all for strapping Huhne and Ed Miliband (he was Huhne in a former government) to one and taking the turbines brake off.

Angry Exile said...

Hmmm. Miliband hurling, the C21st answer to dwarf tossing, and both more useful and socially acceptable. The trouble is only two people get a go, but everyone else gets to talk about it for ages.

Don't suggest Prescott hurling or it'll be the excuse someone needs to build an even bigger turbine.

Bill Sticker said...


Re Prescott hurling etc. Some fun might be had by giving the challenge to Medieval Artillery enthusiasts like these.

Ed P said...

Two Jags & Tres bouchets - sounds like a mouthful.
How about Hoon/Huhne and a Cancun dancer?

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