Monday, 27 December 2010

Global cooling?

Scare story or coming reality?

For the record; my money is on Piers Corbyn (Anyone who takes money off bookmakers can't be far wrong). Now I'm off to put my money into Winter sports manufacturers and housing insulation.

Why? Well aren't we getting a re-run of the stormy stuff of last year? Or the year before? Or the year before that? Or even the one before that? Is it just me or is the severity increasing? Not that we can draw any conclusions from such a small sample of course......

At what point does all this weather become climate if only a few warm years are able to establish an uncontrollable warming trend?

Noooooo! We're all doooomed! Or maybe not. My money's still on Piers. He amongst others have been talking about the world going into a 30 year cooling trend for some time now.

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